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Why natural ingredients matter when it comes to skincare

As the end of 2019 approaches, many of us can agree it was the year of being selfish, but in a good way! People, relationships and basically anything that stood in the way of growth and happiness were cut out of our lives. Toxic situations became a thing of the past and so did that old relationship with skincare products with filled chemical ingredients. 

Beauty and skincare products with natural ingredients are in demand and have become more sought after recently, with good reason. If you’re still on the fence about saying thank you, next to your toxic products, here is why you should!

  • Have a peace of mind of what you’re using on your body. There is currently a huge controversy surrounding the safety of synthetic ingredients in skincare products. While studies are being conducted, why not sleep soundly knowing what you’re putting into your body is natural and not man-made? When applying a product to your skin like our Refresh Clay Mask, you can be certain all the ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber and matcha are organic and natural. Unlike your ex, transparency is what we’re all about.  
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  • Read the label. If you look for the ingredients on a product and can’t pronounce any of them, chances are they’re synthetic. The ingredients should seem familiar like avocado oil, matcha, cacao, grapefruit and coconut. All Muddy Body products have the ingredients right on the bottle so they’re easy to find and read. In April, EWG released a report of the “Toxic Twenty Chemicals and Contaminants” in beauty products. The ingredients in the report like formaldehyde have been linked to cancer and other serious health problems. The chemicals haven’t been banned in the U.S. yet, so make sure to check the labels of the skincare products you use! 
  • Help the environment. When synthetic chemicals get washed down the drain, they can end up in local waterways. This can affect our ecosystem and even the animals who live in or drink the contaminated water. Think of the manatees! Products that contain elements like aluminum or lead require mining which also contributes to pollution. By switching to natural products you’re helping yourself and the earth. Leonardo DiCaprio would be so proud of you. 
  • Sensitive skin typically reacts well to natural ingredients. Those who have sensitive skin tend to have better reactions to natural products. Chemical and artificial ingredients can cause redness and irritation leading to itchy and dry skin. Using natural products can give sensitive skin a much needed break. Switching to a skincare product without harsh chemicals will help your skin as it begins to work on repairing the imbalance imposed by the strong artificial ingredients.
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    • Watch out for products with a long shelf life. Skincare products with a long shelf life are typically filled with synthetic ingredients like parabens. These preservatives are used to prolong the natural process of a product from going bad, like getting bacteria or mold. When choosing skincare and beauty products, you should think of the process like buying a fruit or vegetable. If you knew a banana you were about to eat was grown with synthetic chemicals and pesticides, wouldn’t you question if it’s good to be putting in your body? 

    Organic products with natural ingredients can and will go bad faster than products with synthetic ingredients, but they are doing so without being altered. Using products with authentic ingredients is treating yo’self in the best way possible because it’s actually beneficial to you long term. 

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