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Brrr.. Winter is coming

Brace yourself- winter is approaching. Even if you live in Miami and only get the chance to wear a jacket and boots one day when the temperature drops down to 65 degrees, it counts. Although we all love the winter season because that means it’s finally acceptable to play Christmas music 24/7, your skin may not be as welcoming to the change. Here are five tips on how to achieve healthy skin this winter season.  

  1. Moisturize to avoid flakey skin. This is the best way to keep your skin glowing. Make sure to moisturize your face, neck and body throughout the day. Our Muddy Body Glow Elixir is lightweight and will leave your body hydrated all day long. A little bit goes a long way so just by using a few drops of our elixir you’ll have lasting soft and smooth skin. 24k Gold Glow Elixir
  1. Hydrate by drinking plenty of water. Typically the holiday season is filled with booze as you hit one party after another, but try to add in some water in between the coquito! Drinking eight glasses of water a day is suggested and will help noticeably improve your complexion. There are tons of other benefits to drinking water like tighter skin, smaller pores and reduced puffiness so get to chugging! 
  1. Use a clay mask to tighten and shrink pores. If you’re avoiding the cold weather and staying indoors, using a clay mask is the perfect way to unwind and repair dry skin at the same time. Lucky for you, we here at Muddy Body worked hard to create the perfect clay mask to use during the chilly weather. Our Limited Edition Chill Clay Mask is packed with natural ingredients including Kaolin Clay, Vitamin C and Peppermint Powder to help replenish dull skin and leave you looking flawless. Definitely a must to put on your list for Santa.     Muddy Body Clay Mask Set
  1. Avoid hot showers. We all know those long, hot showers hit different, but during the winter you’ll want to avoid them as much as you can. The hot water can irritate, dry out and sometimes even leave rashes on your skin. Lukewarm water is suggested to use for showers and baths but if you cave in and use hot water, make sure to switch it to cold for a few minutes before getting out. Your skin will thank you. 
  1. Put on sunscreen even when the sun is nowhere to be found. If you’ve ever gone to the beach and didn’t put on sunscreen because it was overcast and still ended up getting burnt, join the club. It’s a common mistake to skip sunscreen when the sun isn’t shining but just remember your skin still needs to be protected against UV rays. Putting on sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher will protect against the hard weather and help prevent skin cancer.  

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