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The perfect snack doesn't exi...

Posted by Taylor Gabay on

Find yourself running out of ideas on healthy foods to snack on? We've tried juicing.. didn't last long. Snacked on a handful of mixed nuts-- boring. Then we heard about overnight oats!

This fun and easy recipe is taking the internet by storm and we're here for it. We've broken this recipe down in a few simple steps for you to try on and enjoy:

1) Start with the basics:

-Old-fashioned rolled oats 
-Chia Seeds (we added a little extra because fiber, duh!)
-Your choice of fresh fruit! My favs are strawberries, blueberries, and bananas-- YUM!
If you can, buy organic. You'll be able to taste the difference! 


2) Grab a jar- mason jars are usually the best and the easiest! They also make for a cute photo opp of your colorful creation. Fill up the jar half way with oats- then add chia seeds and fruits and voilà! You're ALMOST done! 


3) Ok so this step is totally optional! I like to add fresh honey roasted peanut butter for some natural sweetness. You can also add agave or honey! 



4) Last step- Add the milk! I use dairy-free unsweetened almond milk, but the list is endless. Be sure to fill to the top of the jar. For a thicker batch, add less milk. If you like your oats a little runny, you can add more milk. 


Set it in the fridge for at least 5-6 hours and you're all set! Wake up the next morning to the perfect breakfast or come home from work to a healthy mid-day snack! 

You're basically a chef now- Share this recipe with your bestie or surprise your boo!

So healthy and easy to make-- Your tastebuds will be thanking you!





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